Chairman June 2017 Update

Greetings from your Mecklenburg Country Republican Party Chair.  In this inaugural post I bring news that your Party is strong and growing stronger!  We have had an extremely busy 2017 thus far with a precinct meeting, County, District and State Conventions, and our Lincoln Reagan Day Dinner.

None of this would have been possible without the amazing support and hard work of our volunteers and grassroots’ activists.  We are positioned perfectly to do the work of the Party as we head into the election season this Fall.  So, what is the work in front of us and how can you get involved?

First, we must support our Republican candidates.  Find one. Maybe two.  Sign up to volunteer and donate on their webpages.  We need more Republicans in office across Mecklenburg County and THIS is our year.

Second, we must continue to support our elected officials.  Special interest groups are invading our County and will continue to bring radical views to our communities.  We must speak out for our Republican values and support our officials who represent those values.  Call them and encourage them.  Speak honorably of them to your friends and neighbors.

Finally, we need to grow the capability of MeckGOP.  Start following us on social media. We will be doing neighborhood canvassing, phone banking, sign distributing and poll working this fall and we need you there.  Never hesitate to reach out to and we will plug you in.  We also need your financial support.  Visit our website and give today so that we can continue to maintain our headquarters – the nerve center of our work efforts.

Thank you for your support and the work you will do over the next few months.  Let’s commit our efforts to electing Republican mayors, council members and commissioners across our great County this Fall!

Chris Turner
Mecklenburg County Republican Party Chairman