Debbie Ware

Debbie Ware, Candidate for State House of Representatives (District 92)

Debbie Ware is running for NC District House 92. She has been involved politically since the late 90’s, and our party, the Republican Party, has gone thru a lot of changes. She believes we should have a candidate in every race to give the people of our community, city, county and STATE an option of ideas. She believes this election is a pretty stark difference in philosophy, with ours as the one that should appeal to vast majority of voters. Debbie served on the Mecklenburg Budget Advisory Board, for two terms, which was quite an eye opener. She has run for several elected offices, City, County, School Board, and State, just trying to get the conservative position in front of lots of different people.

Debbie believes if you are not being part of the solution, then you must be part of the problem. She doesn't claim to have all the answers, but will work hard as anyone, willing to listen and open to anyone’s point of view. She has had lots of practice, as a daughter, sibling, mother, grandmother and a Believer, of course she is still a work in progress in every area. Debbie's family goes back several generations as part of the Charlotte community, so it is very important to her to keep our City and our STATE a great place to raise your family, worship (she has been a member of Calvary Church HWY 51 for 36 years), work and of course have fun.