District 12 News - Week of May 10, 2021


Dear Friends,

A few days ago, I was standing in a long line, raging hot temperatures, and laboring to breath through my Mickey Mouse face mask.  Even though I was at the “Most Magical Place on Earth,” I was feeling a bit down.  Mask mandates had been lifted in Florida, except for Disney World.  No matter the weather, Disney does entertainment right, creating rides and attractions with great artwork and imagination. As I was winding around the Splash Mountain ride, I was reading the various signs and sayings from the movie Song of the South, in which the ride was designed.  One sign that struck me was a quote from Uncle Remus, the main character in the movie, who said, “You can’t run away from trouble.  Aint no place that far.”

Mecklenburg County is larger than 8 US states and District 12 is smack dab, 100% in the majority of it. We are inundated with far-left politicians who are making decisions about our hard-earned money, homes, and futures.  On a personal note, my property taxes have tripled in 10 years, mostly due to our 100% democrat County Commission.  State-wide we are doing much better as we elected lots of Republicans to Council of State and the Judicial bench in 2020. However, our district has only one representative in Raleigh.  When I think of what is happening in our country with democrat majorities in both houses and the White House, I liken it to the feeling I have laboring in a hot humid ride line, breathing my own crud in a mandated mask.  It is simply hard to breath.

Folks, we are in trouble in many ways, but there aint no place to run.  We can choose to be angry and ignore, or we can do something about it. I encourage the latter.  This newsletter shares the many ways to get involved.  There really is little excuse.  You can visit a club, engage your conservative neighbors, give money, and more.  Please don’t run but strive to make a difference.

Hope you have a Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah week!
Lee Ann Patton
NCGOP District 12


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