George Bell

George Bell, Candidate for Superior Court Judge (26C)

George is running for Superior Court for one main reason: he is passionate about helping other people. As a judge, George will have the opportunity to speak into the lives of many hurting families, fathers, mothers, men, women and children. He realizes that he has the opportunity to make a difference. As an attorney, George knows that he has made a difference in the courtroom for the last 15 years. And even if he is not elected, George will continue to make a difference by touching people’s lives because this is his calling.

Many of you supported George in his recent campaign for District Court Judge in 2016, when we advanced from the primary election to the general election. He now seeks your support again for Superior Court to fill the new vacancy from The Honorable Eric Levinson.

• SUPPORT. The legal community has rallied behind George as he runs for this open seat. He is humbled and honored to have so many attorney endorsements, most of whom practice regularly in Superior Court, the court in which he is seeking to be elected.

• EDUCATION. Since obtaining his bachelor’s degree from Cornell University, competing as an NCAA varsity wrestler, and graduating from Regent University School of Law, George has served our community as a business owner in Huntersville with his wife, partner, and law school sweetheart Hannah Bell. They have three children.

• EXPERIENCE. Since 2003, George has been in the courtroom. As a law clerk for a Superior Court level judge in Virginia he briefed hundreds of cases on everything from complex civil litigation to murder. As a practitioner, George has argued civil and criminal motions in Superior Court, handled over 30,000 misdemeanor cases, and tried multiple jury trials. Recently, he won a NC Court of Appeals case on a civil matter.