MeckGOP Mentorship Program

Recently the MeckGOP launched a new initiative, the MeckGOP Mentorship Program. We pair up College Republicans with individual Republican leaders for a mentorship program.

Our first recipient was Sasha Duncan, a 2019 graduate of UNC Charlotte and the past president of the UNCC's Network of enlightened Women. We surprised Sasha with the news at one of her NeW meeting on campus.

Sasha was paired up with MeckGOP Vice-Chair Sarah Reidy-Jones through Sasha's graduation. Sasha now works for the NCGOP as its Digital Director and most recently helped North Carolina be the #1 digitally engaged Republican Party in the nation for the 2020 election cyle!

Now, more than ever, it's important that we provide support to our younger conservatives, giving them valuable mentorship, friendship and financial support throughout their college experience. Many of our college graduates choose to make the Mecklenburg County region their home and we are attracting approximately 120 millennial workers to Charlotte DAILY. It's imperative that we influence youth outreach with our conservative values through action.

Sasha Duncan is "adopted" by her MeckGOP Mentor Sarah Reidy-Jones at a January 2019 NeW Meeting at UNCC

The mentorship program was paused as we dealt with COVID and remote learning, but we again look forward to pairing up our other CRs with area Republicans with similar interests and creating that early investment in cultivating Republican leaders.

If you would like to participate in our MeckGOP Mentorship Program, please fill out a sponsor application.


Yes! I would like to be a mentor! Click here for an application form.

Yes! I would like to be mentored! Click here for an application form.


All forms can be emailed to [email protected]