Meet Board of Elections Liaison Cami Bambini

Cami Bambini
Board of Elections Liaison


Cami Bambini is a native of southern California and grew up in Reagan country. Ronald was her Governor and the first President she voted for in 1980. During her childhood, she remembers her family’s garage being used as a “voting location” back when things were more simple. Her parents taught her about conservative values, the voting process and the sacrifice by those who serve our country so that we are able to have free elections. Both parents served in the US Army. Her father served in WWII and Korea. Her mother, who will be 96 years young this June and still lives on her own, served stateside as a surgical tech in WWII. After living in various areas of the country, Cami returned to Charlotte in 2001. The mother of 3 children, Cami always kept up with the local GOP no matter what city she resided in. The Queen’s City is where she calls home.

Cami began volunteering at the Mecklenburg GOP during the 2007 municipal election in a variety of capacities. By 2009, she began the 1st of 2 terms as Co-Chair of Volunteers on the MeckGOP Board and Executive Committee. Additionally, she served as a precinct chairman in the south Charlotte area. She has also been a member of CMRW since 2008.

She was appointed by the Mecklenburg County BOE Board to serve as an Election Day chief judge in 2013 and continues to hold the role. Along with her passion serving the more than 700,000 registered voters of the county, she has worked directly for the Board of Elections since 2013 in precinct organization. Her duties include recruitment of over 2,000 poll workers, preparing for all early voting and election day responsibilities, payroll and database processing of current plus new poll workers. When asked about the election cycles, she stated, “ The general public thinks this all takes places in a few days once or twice a year. However, the truth is elections season is always on going in some way.”

Cami is an avid sports fan and especially of her SEC team and alma mater “MIZZOU”. She holds a Bachelor of Art in Fine Arts from the University of Missouri.