Meet Campaign Chair Amy Bynum

Amy Bynum

Campaign Chair


Amy Bynum was born and raised in Charlotte and graduated from Myers Park High School. She holds a degree in Industrial Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a PMP certification in Project Management. She works as a project manager in the digital analytics field.

She is a member of St. Giles Evangelical Presbyterian Church, the Charlotte South Rotary Club and a board member of the Charlotte Georgia Tech Alumni Club.

Amy is a lifelong conservative and has been involved as a grassroots volunteer in Republican politics and conservative causes since elementary school, when her mom Sharon served on the CMS School Board. She has been an active member of Republican clubs everywhere she has lived and is currently a member of the Uptown Republican Women and the Charlotte Mecklenburg Republican Women. She has served as the Secretary for the MeckGOP from 2018 until 2021.

Running on conservative values and innovative solutions, Amy was the 2020 Republican candidate for NC House District 105. She earned the support and endorsement of current and former Republican elected officials in both Carolinas, as well as conservative PACs and groups. She was also the only Republican State House candidate to win the endorsement of the Charlotte Observer in the 2020 General Election. She achieved 45% of the vote against the Democrat incumbent.

Amy’s heart is with our candidates, who sacrifice so much to bring about positive change in our lives! As the current MeckGOP Secretary and a recent candidate, Amy understands the structure of the Party as well as the many hurdles that candidates face. She looks forward to working as a liaison between candidates and the GOP, to advocating for candidates within the Party structure and to clearing as many hurdles as possible on their road to victory!