Meet Finance Chair Melisa Taylor

Melisa Taylor
Finance Chairman


Melisa Taylor has served on the MeckGOP board for the last two years as Voter Registration Chair. She has served as the Credentials Chair for the past three years for our Precinct Meetings and Conventions. In 2016, she was in charge of the Poll Observer Program for MeckGOP and volunteers as a Poll Observer At Large for every election. She has served for the last two years as the Treasurer for the 12th Congressional District and served two years as the Treasurer for the 9th Congressional District.

She is currently a member of North Mecklenburg Republican Women and served on their board for four years as Corresponding Secretary. Working with the Board of Elections, she was the precinct Chief Judge for seven years for her precinct. She also worked for the Board of Election during early voting as a four years.

Melisa’s Dad was in the Air Force so she is aware of life growing up on bases and moving away from family and friends. She proudly serves on the board of the Susan M Tillis Foundation. The foundation collects basic baby items to be given to new Moms at Fort Bragg for E-6 and below families. Many of these new Moms live far from family and friends. Each Mom receives a Baby Bundle while in the hospital which is filled with onesies, blankets, caps, socks, wipes and diapers.

Professionally, Melisa has had a long career in accounting and finance starting with Arthur Andersen. She currently works as an accountant, property manager and real estate agent. For fun, she is a day trader who loves market volatility.