Meet Legal Counsel Nathan White

Nathan White
Legal Counsel Chair


Nathan White hails from Charleston, South Carolina and is proud to call Charlotte, North Carolina home.  Nathan’s father is a retired Air Force command pilot and Nathan joined the family business commissioning as a lieutenant upon graduation from the University of South Carolina.  Following graduation from law school, Nathan proudly served 10 years on active duty as a JAG officer in the U.S. Air Force.

When Nathan and his beautiful wife Alison made the decision to transition into civilian life in 2015, Charlotte was the perfect place to raise a family with its wonderful quality of life and economic opportunities.  The pro-business, pull yourself up by your bootstraps culture was irresistible.  The same conservative Scotch-Irish values of hard work, education, and self-reliance that this community was founded upon are what made Mecklenburg County the thriving commercial capital of the Carolinas that it is today.  And Nathan wants to make sure it stays that way.  With a great job, happy home and healthy kids, Nathan would much rather be watching sports, hiking in the mountains or just plain hanging out with his kids.  But in order to make Mecklenburg Great Again, we all need to do our part. That’s why Nathan has been involved with the MeckGOP, serving on the Executive Committee as the current Precinct Organization Chairman and as a Precinct Chair.  Nathan is proud to step forward to take on the many legal challenges we expect our opponents will use in their efforts to turn Mecklenburg away from its founding values.

Nathan is a litigation attorney with Moore & Van Allen, PLLC.  He and his wife live in Cotswold with their three children Arthur, Casey, and Bridget.  Nathan is proud to join Team MeckGOP to make Mecklenburg Great Again!