Meet Public Relations Chair Mallory Finch

Mallory Finch

Public Relations Chair


Mallory Finch was born and raised in Charlotte, attending Charlotte Christian School. She graduated from Seton Hall University and is finishing her Masters in Law with a concentration in Human Rights and the Rule of Law.

She co-hosts a podcast called Those Other Girls with Mallory and Friends where she talks about life, career and pop culture from a Christian conservative perspective. Mallory is also the President of Charlotte’s Pro-Life Future (PLF) Campaign, encouraging 21-40 year-olds to become active in the pro-life movement. She is passionately pro-life and works to get millennials and Gen Z young adults to understand the value of life and fighting socialism.

Mallory’s been actively involved in politics since high school, starting as a member of Sue Myrick’s advisory board and as the current Membership Chair of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Republican Women. She’s so excited to be a part of change happening in Charlotte.