Meet Secretary Amy Bynum

Amy Bynum


Amy Bynum has been the Secretary of the Mecklenburg County Republican Party since August 2018. Thanks to politically active parents, she developed conservative principles and a love for liberty early in life. She has campaigned for Republican candidates and advocated for conservative values in every city she has lived, dating back to elementary school. She has been a member of the Georgia Tech College Republicans, San Fernando Valley Young Republicans, West Los Angeles Young Republicans and York County Republican Club. She is currently an active member of the Mecklenburg Evening Republican Women’s Club and rand the silent auction for MERWC’s 2017 Celebrate the Vote annual fundraiser.

Amy was Founder and President of the Greater Los Angeles Georgia Tech Alumni Network and has been serving on her local GT alumni boards in various positions since. She is currently the Social Media & Marketing Communications Chair for the Charlotte GT Alumni Network.

Amy is a Charlotte native and graduate of Myers Park High School. She holds a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech.