Meet Voter Registration Co-Chair Hershel Patel

Hershel Patel
Voter Registration Co-Chairman


Hershel Patel lives in Wesley Heights, Charlotte and works for Wells Fargo Securities on the Capital and Returns Team.  Hershel has been active for several years in the Young Republicans across several counties and states as his career in finance has progressed.  Previously, Hershel lived in Manhattan, New York from the end of 2013 to right after Election Day 2016 where he worked for Bank of America. 

Hershel’s two favorite memories from NYC was being in Manhattan on the historic 2016 election night and seeing Donald Trump speak at the New York County Lincoln Day Dinner in February 2014.  Prior to living in NYC, Hershel lived in Dallas, Texas where he worked for Hudson Advisors L.P.  He attended Texas A&M University where he earned his B.S. in Economics and M.S. in Finance.  He also attended the Texas Academy of Math and Science, a dual high school-college boarding school at the University of North Texas, where he joined the College Republicans for the first time at 15 years old in 1999.