Paulina Havelka

Paulina Havelka, Candidate for District Court Judge (26A, Seat 2)

Paulina's legal career began in 1997 in the Mecklenburg County Courthouse as a courtroom clerk. Sitting next to the judge, she realized the tremendous responsibility embodied in that position and had the pleasure of working alongside excellent judges. Nine years later Paulina was a law school graduate starting her own private practice firm - a business she continues to run 12 years later.

Paulina is in court every day, often twice a day representing the best interests of her clients. Her passion for justice and respect for the rule of law is unquestionable. However, she understand that the impact of a district court judge extends beyond legalese - we play a powerful role in the lives of our community members. In that position, Paulina believes it is critical that a judge be able to understand the needs and realities of their community members.

Volunteering with the Women’s Commission legal clinic and the Council for Children’s Rights for 12 years has allowed her to not only help, but empathize, with the tough decisions real people make everyday. As an immigrant, single mother of two, and business owner Paulina understand the implications that legal procedures and decisions have on a variety of communities seldom represented on the bench. It is because she believes that she can best serve her community in the capacity of a district court judge that she has chosen to run.

It is because Paulina believes that through her legal and extralegal experience, she is best fit to represent District 26A, Seat 2 on the bench.