ACTION ALERT: Attend the Plan 2040 Virtual Town Hall

Important Town Hall tomorrow for Charlotte's future!

At 5:30 on April 15 the City of Charlotte will host a Town Hall meeting to solicit public comments on the proposed Future 2040 Comprehensive Plan.  The Plan lays out a vision for Charlotte and describes how our current zoning ordinances would change to implement the vision.  One controversial provision of the plan would eliminate single-family zoning categories entirely. This would not prevent the creation of singe-family homes, but it would mean that, subject to HOA covenants and deed restrictions, a developer could build duplexes and triplexes on single family lots without applying for a rezoning beforehand.  This in turn means that City Council would not review the proposal and would not be able to respond to input from area residents before allowing it.  If you have views about this, be sure to join tomorrow's Town Hall and consider joining the following week as well.  

Advance registration is encouraged, but you can join anytime up to and during the meeting.  If you register at, you will receive an email with a Webex login link. You can also watch the Town Hall on Youtube and Facebook h/www.fattps:/