Election Integrity

A Critical Issue We Face As A Party

Election Integrity is a cornerstone of any democratic system. It ensures that the people's will is accurately reflected in the outcome of elections. When the integrity of our elections is compromised, it erodes public trust in the democratic process and undermines the legitimacy of elected officials. 

The ballot must be safeguarded to prevent tampering and manipulation. We must ensure that only eligible voters cast a ballot, votes are recorded accurately, and the counting process is transparent and free from interference. It is imperative that appropriate measures are taken to ensure the security and accuracy of electronic voting machines to reinforce voter confidence.

For multiple election cycles now, NCGOP has been recruiting, training, and deploying hundreds of attorneys and thousands of poll observers across North Carolina. North Carolina has been nationally recognized for our “protect the vote effort.”

Swearing in Republican Board of Election Members, Elizabeth McDowell and Mary Summa


Our municipal elections in 2023, and the all-important presidential election in 2024, will be affected by an important new requirement – Voter ID. In addition, the NC Senate has recently introduced legislation to ensure elections in North Carolina are fair and transparent