Recognized Clubs

Join one of our affiliated clubs today! With clubs scattered around Mecklenburg County, there's a way for you to get involved! Any club that meets the requirements established by the MeckGOP Plan of Organization holds a voting seat on our board.


Charlotte-Mecklenburg Republican Women (CMRW) 

The members of CMRW are passionate about improving the quality of life through active participation in electing leaders who share our Republican values.

We invite Republicans as well as Unaffiliated voters from both North & South Carolina to our meetings. 

Please join us as we work to elect Republican leaders in our community, state, and nation.



Hornet's Nest Republican Men's Club

The leadership of the HNRMC planned to and continues to "stir things up", politically, by actively promoting conservative Republican candidates, philosophy and causes.

The goal of the HNRMC is to continue to expand the membership of the club into our adjoining counties and continue with our original and ongoing missions.



Republican Women of Greater Charlotte

Our mission is to recruit, develop, support and elect conservative Republicans for Public Office by promoting our conservative values.  In addition to working together to create fellowship among Republican women, support the principles, objectives and platform of the Republican Party. By fostering strong relationship within our organization, and extended to the community, through demonstrations of citizenship and positive practices.  Education our members on how they can participate in the electoral process and always working to elect Republicans.  



Queen City Republicans

Conservative comradery in the Queen City!
• Meets the 2nd Thursday every month
• Remain educated on local events
• Get involved at your own pace



Mecklenburg Black Republicans

We exist to encourage American citizens in Mecklenburg, who are Black,
to vote, and vote Republican



Mecklenburg County Young Republicans (Meck YRs)

The Meck YRs is a club of young people that enjoy creating an environment where people can share their political views among friends. Outside the social/networking aspect of each meeting, our meetings will provide an opportunity for citizens to become educated on political issues at the local, county, state, and national levels from our own elected officials and those running for political office.



Mint Hill/Matthews Republican Club

A home grown group designed to promote conservative principles and educate the citizens of Mint Hill



North Mecklenburg Republican Women

NMRW is a sanctioned affiliate of the North Carolina Federation of Republican Women and the National Federation of Republican Women.


No photo description available.  

Mecklenburg Republican Women's Club

The Mecklenburg Republican Women are an integral part of the Republican effort in Mecklenburg County. MERWC members are justifiably proud of the contribution and impact we have in partnering with the MeckGOP. (
MERWC membership is open to registered Republican Women in the Mecklenburg County region. Women who are regular members of another Women’s Federated Club, and men may join as non-voting associate members.
Our mission is to Educate, Motivate and Activate!



Republican Patriots 

A grass-roots club wanting to send true representatives to Raleigh & Washington, we seek to educate and encourage one another