I’m with a media outlet. How can I be granted access for an interview with the MeckGOP?

Please submit all media inquiries in writing to the official MeckGOP PR email address, [email protected]. Please note that due to the large volume of media requests and the fact that we are all volunteers, not all requests may be fulfilled (but we’ll try!). 


Where can I visit your headquarters?

The MeckGOP does not have a brick and mortar headquarters. At the direction of the RNC, we are out in the field directly reaching out to voters rather than paying Charlotte-area commercial rent! We may open up a physical office closer to November 2022. In the meantime, you can contact [email protected] for your questions. Please note that we do not have any paid staff and are a volunteer-led organization. Due to the sheer volume of inquiries, we ask for a 48-hour response time. If you would like to be involved as a volunteer, please reach out to [email protected]. You may purchase items at https://mecklenburg.nc.gop/shop_meckgop.



Are there ways to get involved in my neighborhood?

Absolutely! Because of the sheer size of Mecklenburg County (both in geography and in population!) we recognize that we cannot be based around a single headquarters. We have a robust precinct organization program, including a field staff for the Republican Victory program and Assistant Precinct Organizers. To volunteer for the Republican Party, please contact our Precinct Organization Chair Larry Sullivan at [email protected].

How do I get to be a delegate?

Every Party organization has different steps for delegate selection. In Mecklenburg County, the first step to becoming a delegate to the county, congressional district, state and national conventions is to either attend the annual MeckGOP precinct meeting in February or turn in a precinct meeting absentee form, which will be made available closer to the precinct meeting. These are the ONLY ways to be eligible in the next steps of becoming a delegate. The process for being a delegate in 2022 is now closed.

How can I be a precinct leader?

Precinct officers are elected for two year terms every odd year at the annual precinct meeting. The official call to the precinct meeting must be published at least 10 days prior to the meeting, which is always held in February.

Where can I get a list of precinct officers?

We respect the privacy of personal data. As such, we do not distribute precinct officer lists or data with the following exceptions:

  • A full list of precinct officers and their contact info is provided to the NCGOP immediately after odd year precinct meetings as per NCGOP policy.
  • A full list of precinct officers and their contact info is provided to the MeckGOP Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Precinct Organization Chair(s), Public Relations Chair(s) and Technology Chair(s). (The PR and Technology chairs only use the data to create precinct leader distribution groups for appropriate precinct organization communications platforms like, but not limited to, email.)
  • Individual contact information of precinct officers per a particular precinct will be distributed to fellow precinct officers of that particular precinct at a reasonable time after each annual precinct meeting.
  • A list of precinct officers and their contact information is provided to Assistant Precinct Organization Chairs (APOs) for only the precincts that fall within their jurisdiction.

No precinct officer information is ever distributed to candidates, PACs, Republican clubs or any Republican individuals. Individuals listed above agree to use any precinct data solely for the use of precinct organization. Personal data will never be sold by the MeckGOP.

In addition, we believe in bringing the Party to your neighborhood!

We have several recognized auxiliary clubs that meet across our county:

  • Charlotte Mecklenburg Republican Women was chartered in 1953 and the goals set over sixty years ago are the goals they cherish today – to involve women in political action for the sake of good government, to educate women to be effective political activists and to work for the election of Republican candidates. The CMRW meets during lunch on the fourth Wednesdays of the month at Maggiano’s in SouthPark.
  • Hornet’s Nest Republican Men’s Club was established in 2019 to further the principles of the North Carolina Republican Party and to promote Republican candidates in all elections. The Hornet's Nest Republican Men's Club will meet on the second Monday of each month. The location for each month will be shared via email with its members.
  • Mecklenburg Black Republicans encourages an increasing amount of Black Americans with conservatives values to vote Republican. The club meets on the 3rd Monday of the month at 7:30 pm at McKoy's Smokehouse, 4630 Old Pineville Road in Charlotte.
  • Mecklenburg County Young Republicans is a social group of ages 18-40 that enjoys creating an environment where people can share their political views amongst friends. Outside the social/networking aspect of each meeting, their meetings will provide an opportunity for education on political issues at the local, county, state and national levels from our own elected officials and those running for political office. They meet on the fourth Tuesday of each month at Dilworth Neighborhood Grill on Morehead Street and host quarterly social and philanthropic events.
  • Mecklenburg Evening Republican Women's Club aims to educate, motivate and activate Mecklenburg County citizens through Republican beliefs. The club meets the third Tuesday of the month at Mickey and Mooch in the Arboretum.
  • Mint-Hill Matthews Republican Club is a home-grown group designed to promote conservative principles and educate the citizens of Mint Hill and Matthews concerning policies that affect them. The club meets the third Thursdays of the month at Jimmie’s Restaurant in Mint Hill.
  • Republican Patriots is dedicated to increasing the effectiveness of women in the cause of good government as well as informing the public through political education and activity. NMRW supports local charities to better our community and to increase awareness of the Republican Party. Meetings are held in the evenings on the second Tuesday of the month at Northstone Country Club in Huntersville.
  • Uptown Charlotte Republicans chartered in June 2020 as a group of Republicans dedicated to putting the Party back in the Grand Old Party! Any registered Republican residing in Mecklenburg County can be a member and any registered Republican that lives outside of Mecklenburg County can be an associate member. The group meets for a 6-8pm networking happy hour the 2nd Wednesdays of the month in the Uptown, Dilworth, South End and NoDa areas. Annual dues are $25 and 100% of funds go directly into supporting local efforts!


Please note that these are the only officially recognized auxiliary organizations within Mecklenburg County. If you would like to start an official Republican club in Mecklenburg County Republican Party, please contact our Chair, Sarah-Reidy-Jones at [email protected]. Clubs must follow guidelines and are registered Republican clubs with the North Carolina State Board of Elections. As such, we legally cannot coordinate with 501(c) organizations or PACs.



Who does the MeckGOP recommend I vote for?

The Mecklenburg County Republican Party CANNOT make recommendations in contested Republican primaries. To do so would be a direct violation of our Plan of Organization (our governing rules). We will provide a Republican voter guide after the primary (or any subsequent runoffs). To see a complete list of Republican candidates on your primary ballot, visit https://vt.ncsbe.gov/RegLkup/ and click on “Sample Ballot”. We will post a listing of candidates shortly after the filing deadlines and a revised listing after any primary or runoff elections to our "Team" section of this website. Please note that for municipal elections and school board, candidates run nonpartisan. We recommend you research all of the candidates for yourself or come to one of our local club meetings to hear from the candidates directly!

How do I early vote?

Early voting will happen closer to the primary and general election, but all dates are still up in the air thanks to the NC Supreme Court's halting of redistricting and elections. All registered Mecklenburg County voters can vote at any of the early voting sites, not just the location closest to your residence. For a complete list of sites and dates, visit meckboe.org after the maps and election timelines have been finalized.

Where do I vote and how do I see a sample ballot?

To find your precinct, view your sample ballot and other important voting information, please visit https://vt.ncsbe.gov/RegLkup/, enter your information and click sample ballots. Please note that we do not coordinate volunteers at early voting and election day sites for primary elections. Please directly contact the candidate(s) of your choice if you would like to help during a primary election.