Biden's Socialist 'Build Back Better' Bill Passes US House as GOP Stands Firm in Opposition

Biden's Socialist 'Build Back Better' Bill Passes US House as GOP Stands Firm in Opposition

Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi has just forced through the so-called "Build Back Better" plan that spends nearly five trillion dollars:

  • All NC Republican members voted against this anti-American bill
  • All NC Democrat members supported this socialist spending spree

Here's what House Democrats just voted for:

Democrats blocked commonsense amendments from making the cut, including:

  • Preventing religious discrimination
  • Providing parents more choice in child care
  • Stopping money from going to the Chinese Communist Party

Despite the Democrats' laughable insistence that this bill is "fully paid for" and "will cost zero dollars," final score released Thursday evening by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office found the Build Back Better Act would cause a net increase in the national deficit of at least $367 billion.

The American people, and the people of North Carolina are rejecting the radical Democrat agenda:

  • Recent polling reveal 2 out of 3 NC voters believe the economy is bad and getting worse under Biden and Pelosi
  • Likewise, national polls show 70% of Americans believe our country is on the wrong track
  • The Democrats' track for our country - embodied in this bill - is built upon:
    • central planning, and socialist spending sprees
    • protecting elites at the expense of everyday Americans
    • stripping individual citizens of their rights, dividing Americans into 'identity' groups and pitting them against one another
    • fueling an ever more intrusive, authoritarian regime

This bill and Democrats' prescription for America directly denies the uniquely American notion of the sanctity of Individual Rights. Instead, Democrats openly favor embracing the collectivism of Chinese Communists and Woke Radicals. That is exactly what is this bill represents, as Democrats push to fundamentally transform this nation to fit their radical ideologies.

The U.S. Senate is the last bulwark against the Build Back Broke plan to sink America. For this and many other reasons a Red Wave in 2022 must not be mere hope.

Americans recognize that getting back on the right track by electing Republican leaders is an absolute necessity - leaders willing to fight for them, and to restore the American idea for our children and grandchildren, before it is lost for good.

Courtesy of NCGOP