District 12 News - July 19, 2021


Dear Friends,

Recently, I was in a small town in pretty much the middle of nowhere.  I got in my van to run some errands, only to notice that the “you have a low tire” indicator was beeping. Yep, there was a nail imbedded in my tire, but miraculously, the tire was not losing much air. I was away for the weekend and really had nowhere that I had to be.  I knew it would be difficult to find a tire repair place open on a Saturday in nowhere USA, so maybe I should wait until Monday to get the tire plugged.  But I ran the risk that if I dragged my feet and did nothing about it, that the problem would get worse and then I might be stranded.  I have AAA, but how long would it take them to find me?  So, I slowly made my way past many tire places that were of course closed.  Forty miles later I found one, just in the nick of time. 

I liken this to life, just life.  Many times, we put things off that might be difficult or unknown.  We know there is a problem, but do not know how to fix it, which usually leads to more difficulty and hard work.

Many of us are discouraged with the state of our cities, our county and our nation.  We cannot believe how things have so drastically changed since January 20.  But we must not give up.  This newsletter is full of hope.  There is so much that we can be doing to change things and help to make our situation much better.  We must sometimes go the extra mile to accomplish our goal.

Let’s not "tire" of getting things done!

Lee Ann Patton
Chairman, NCGOP District 12


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