District 12 News - Week of October 4, 2021


Dear Friends!

For the last several weeks, I have been looking for someone to “groom” my long-haired cat.  She has a reputation of having a mind of her own, sorta sweet but will draw blood if you cross her.  Because of her long hair, she develops mats and will in no way, shape or form allow me to remove them.  No brushing, no shaving or cutting of hair, nothing. So about once a year, she gets to ride in a crate to trauma city.

When I finally found a business that could fit me in and that I could afford, I was excited yet anxious to get this year’s cat clipping over with. I told the groomer that I did not care what my cat ended up looking like when she was finished. Just do your best to get those painful mats out.  And sure enough, that is what I got.  After a nasty cat fight, my Dorothy has bald spots all over her body.  And to tell you the truth, no matter how she looks, she feels much better. 

There is so much to do to secure victory for our Republican candidates. Time and time we hear that this is the most important election in our lifetime.  And usually, it is. But many times, we don’t feel adequate as we don’t know what to say and how to help. No matter how you contribute, even if the outcome looks like Dorothy’s imperfect body, the end result will be positive, and you will feel good about your efforts, because you have at least tried. No matter how you participate, you will make a difference to hopefully secure a Republican win.

You don’t have to be purrrrrfect to make a difference.
Lee Ann Patton
NCGOP District 12


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