District 12 News - Week of June 7, 2021

Dear Friends,

I just attended the NCGOP Convention where I participated in many meetings, voted on lots of proposals, saw old friends and met new ones, and proudly said the pledge of allegiance more times than I am used to. I was reminded of the many Conventions I have attended since becoming involved in our party back in 1987.  All I wanted to do was make a difference but did not know how.  I met Frank and Sharon Bynum who took me under their wings and taught me some baby steps.  They encouraged me to attend the MeckGOP precinct meeting and sign up to help in my neighborhood.  I went to meetings and rallies and before I knew it, I was knocking on doors, making phone calls, delivering yard signs.  Candidates, including Sharon Bynum who was on the County School Board, participated with us. Candidates and volunteers brought their kids along and taught them the importance of becoming strong conservatives, servant leaders and grass roots volunteers. 
It has been nearly 35 years since I first took those baby steps. I learned to face my fears and take my chances.  Frank and Sharon drove me to State Conventions years ago and this weekend one of my car riding buddies to and from the convention was their daughter Amy, who started from a very young age helping Republican candidates. She is a true servant leader, serving for several years on the MeckGOP Board and has run for public office, to name a few.  She certainly was raised RIGHT.

It will not be long before this newsletter is filled with ways to help candidates and the Republican party.  I encourage you to take those baby steps in helping our party in the ways that you feel you can. And while you are at it, get your kids to come along!
Lee Ann Patton
NCGOP District 12


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