Lorena Castillo-Ritz Interview with Ben Thompson of Flashpoint, WCNC





May 7, 2023 -- Ben Thompson of Flashpoint, WCNC Charlotte (an NBC affiliate) interviewed Lorena Castillo-Ritz, the new Chair of the Mecklenburg County Republican Party. Following is a summary of the complete interview.

Lorena’s Background

Castillo-Ritz is the first Hispanic woman to serve as Chair of the MeckGOP.  The daughter of El Salvadoran immigrants, who came here legally in 1958, she moved to Charlotte 23 years ago from San Francisco, and has served on several non-profit boards, including a charter school in Charlotte.  Castillo-Ritz is wife to Jeffrey and mother to her greatest gifts, her three children.

State Abortion Laws Updated Post-Dodd

Reporter Ben Thompson asked about the topic on the minds of many Charlotteans, revisions to the state’s 50-year-old abortion laws passed by the Republican-led General Assembly. “The Supreme Court decision in Dobbs made this a State issue,“ said Castillo-Ritz.  “Most North Carolinians would agree that some limitations on abortion are needed,” she continued, Consistent with that view, the law’s 12-week limit with exceptions for rape, incest, fetal anomalies and the life of the mother, passed by the General Assembly on Thursday, takes a reasonable and well-balanced approach. Equally important, the bill contains hundreds of millions in financial support and resources for mothers and families that choose to have their children.

Tricia Cotham’s decision to join the Republican Party

 “The Mecklenburg County Republican Party is pleased to welcome this highly accomplished legislator.  As an experienced leader, successful educator, mom to two boys and a lifelong advocate for important causes, Tricia represents what ALL legislators should strive to become, regardless of party,” said Lorena Castillo-Ritz. 

MeckGop believes her constituents in Mint Hill and East Mecklenburg County will continue to be well-served by Ms. Cotham.  Her star is rising, as shown by her School Choice bill that sailed through the House under her leadership, with help from her new colleagues.

Republican Prospects in the 2023 Municipal Elections

The Chair expressed confidence the party’s organization and quality of candidates will ensure victory. Tariq Bakhari and Ed Driggs, Republican stalwarts on the Charlotte City Counsel, have strong support from their constituents and solid records of accomplishment.

Independents have many reasons to lean Republican in this important election. Castillo-Ritz expressed disappointment, for example, with the “soft-on-crime” approach being taken by some elected law enforcement leaders in Charlotte and the County. Republican initiatives on school accountability and improving the quality of public education for our children is resonating with independent voters.

* * *

The Republican Party’s core principles of freedom and equal opportunity are as relevant today as at our founding, and they are the roadmap for American renewal in a new and interconnected world.