Meet Secretary Tina Marie Bloomer

Tina Marie Bloomer


Born and raised in a Democrat home in the heartland of Ohio, Tina Marie came to realize, while attending college, that her negative beliefs about the Republican party and its’ policies were simply not true. It led to much tension in the home during college breaks. Eventually, after years of heated discussions, her parents joined the Republican party. A wife and mother of three adult children, Tina Marie spent most of her career as a self-employed Pediatric Dietitian/Consultant and Public Speaker. The majority of her work focused on serving the underserved children and their families of North and South Carolina.

Tina Marie’s involvement in community and political activism began after graduating from college and moving to the great state of North Carolina. A devoted follower of Christ, Tina Marie helped start a policy council at her church to inform the congregation of public policies that had a direct effect on faith, family, and freedom and to organize engagement in conservative movements. She also volunteered on political campaigns including making calls and knocking on doors during Sue Myrick’s run for U.S. Senate, poll watching and attending numerous Conservative rallies in Raleigh and Washington D.C.

Tina Marie was a candidate for 2022 NC House District 105 until legislative judges of the NC Supreme Court ruled the districts needed to be redrawn. She is a financial and prayerful supporter of numerous candidates and Conservative organizations, as well as a member several clubs: the Mecklenburg Republican Women’s Club, the Charlotte Women’s Republican Club and the Uptown Charlotte Republicans.

In her spare time, she enjoys brushing up her French and Spanish language skills, reading books about health, politics and faith and traveling with her family.