NCGOP Talking Points: Beasley Is Too Extreme For North Carolina

Beasley Is Too Extreme For North Carolina

  • Make no mistake, Cheri Beasley is a far-left radical who supports policies that will only hurt police, families, and small businesses. 
  • Beasley would vote to make North Carolina and America less safe. 
    • Beasley has a history of downplaying and dismissing the violent summer protests (riots) in 2020. 
      • She seems to think that violent riots and looting are not a "real issue." 
      • Beasley said we must "recognize the legitimate pain" of rioters while discussing destroyed businesses and towns. 
      • These riots cost taxpayers millions of dollars in police overtime and recourses.
      • Not to mention the livelihoods destroyed and lasting damages to the public peace. 
    • Beasley's own website says she supports "ending the cash bail system."
  • Beasley accepted an endorsement from a PAC that supports anti-police radicals.
  • The North Carolina Police Benevolent Association actually reversed it's support for Beasley and endorsed Ted Budd. 
    • As NCPBA David Rose President put it: "A vote for Ted Budd is a vote for the men and women of law enforcement and the citizens they serve...we need a Senator who has our backs and not someone who is supported by Defund the Police activists."
  • Beasley's claims that she stands with law enforcement and small businesses are just empty rhetoric, which is why law enforcement is endorsing Ted Budd
  • The Green Agenda that is attacking American energy and your family budget? Cheri Beasley supports it 100%
    • Beasley boasts about being a champion of 'Environmental Justice' on her campaign website.
    • She embraces the same asinine 'Zero-Emissions' Green Agenda policies that have Californians paying $7/gallon for gas, in addition to their rolling blackouts.
    • She'd vote to make fuel and food even MORE expensive and scarce to rubber-stamp Biden's Green Agenda.
  • Cheri Beasley is too extreme for North Carolina.

Courtesy of NCGOP