NCGOP Talking Points: Democrats Failing Economy, Midterms Election Eve Update

October Jobs Report and Democrats' Failing Economy

  • Last Friday's jobs report is the worst jobs report of the year and the worst jobs report of the Biden presidency. 
  • As Americans struggle to afford basic goods and their paycheck continue to shrink, Biden and Democrats not only caused inflation but are threatening to make it worse. 
    • In March 2021, Biden and Democrats passed their inflation-fueling $1.9 trillion "stimulus."
    • In August, every single Democrat voted to pass the Bidenflation Scam , which experts say will worsen inflation and raise taxes on working-class Americans.
    • To top things off, Biden is now pushing for his student debt bailout, which experts warn will a handout to cost taxpayers billions and worsen inflation.
  • Historic inflation is placing more and more Americans in financial jeopardy. 
    • 63% of workers report living paycheck-to-paycheck.
    • 54% of Americans report stopping or reducing their retirement savings altogether because of higher prices.
    • 43% report drawing money out of their retirement accounts to pay for daily expenses.
    • Credit card debt is rising at its "fastest clip in more than 20 years," climbing 13% since last year.
Midterm Elections Update

  • In the final days of the campaign, Republicans are focusing on issues that matter to families and voters in all communities including:
    • Lowering prices on everything from gas to groceries; 
    • Keeping our communities safe; 
    • Securing the southern border and stopping the flow of fentanyl into the country; 
    • Investing in our children's education. 
  • Democrat candidates across the country will not:
    • Make our communities safer with a dangerous defund the police agenda; 
    • Lower the costs at the pump or at the grocery store; 
    • Secure the southern border; 
    • Make us energy independent again. 
  • A recent CBS News Battleground Tracker showed 79% of voters polled describe things in the country today as "out of control."
  • Its no wonder Americans feel the country is out of control with Joe Biden and Democrats bringing crisis after crisis, including: 
    • A supply chain crisis and inflation at a 40 year high;
    • High gas prices;  
    • An out of control border crisis; 
    • Lethal fentanyl pouring into our communities;
    • Rising crime across the country;
    • A disastrous foreign policy agenda that has America leading from behind. 
  • The RNC has made significant investments in the midterms and to grow our Party with minority communities. 
  • The RNC has over: 
    • 1,000 staffers; 
    • 1 million volunteers
    • 95 million voter contacts; 
      • By the end of the cycle we will have made more than 100 million voter contacts.
    • And 38 Community Centers this cycle. 

Sample LTE: Your Vote Means More
WC: 214

This is it. I can't believe election day is here, and it's not a day too soon. After two years of failed leadership, it's time to hold the Democrats accountable.  

Every morning I turn on the news before taking my children to school, and it puts my stomach in knots. What did the Democrats deliver? Rising prices, rampant crime, a border that's in crisis, and delayed educational development. All I ask is that my children grow up in an America with at least the same opportunities that I did.

Democrats had their chance, and they blew it. Joe Biden's agenda failed, yet Democrats vote alongside him and rubberstamp it. They closed our schools, diminished our savings, and disregarded our safety. Remember that time they voted against hiring additional border patrol agents while voting to hire 87,000 IRS agents? C'mon. What is their priority? It certainly isn't American families.  

It's time the Democrats are held responsible for the blind eye they turned to the problems faced by Americans. To vote is to fulfill your civic duty, but this year, it means more. This year, everyone needs to vote as if their future depends on it because it does.  

This Election Day you're voting to take back our country. Vote Republican on November 8!  
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