NCGOP Talking Points: Democrats' Inflation Is Getting Worse

Inflation Is Getting Worse

  • As Bidenflation keeps up its relentless attack on middle-class families, more Americans are falling deeper into debt, facing rising housing costs, and watching their 401(k)s plummet.  
  • September's Consumer Price Index soared by  8.2% compared to last year, exceeding economists' expectations and remaining at a near 40-year high.
    • Fuel oil is up 58.1%;
    • Airline fares are up 42.9%;
    • Eggs are up 30.5%;
    • Gas is up 18.2%;  
    • Electricity is up 15.5%;
    • Milk is up 15.2%;
    • Groceries are up 13%;
    • Baby food is up 11.8%;
    • Meat, poultry, and fish are up 7.7%.
    • The Democrat Agenda is Making Families Go Broke
  • Inflation is wiping out wage gains. 
  • Even if inflation stopped rising today, Biden's price hike would cost the average American family more than $8,739 over the next year. 
    • In September alone, inflation cost the typical household an extra $728
    • Bidenflation is driving millions of Americans deeper into debt, just when interest rates are rising the at the fastest pace ever because of...Bidenflation.
    • With inflation showing no sign of slowing, millions of families have no choice but to "load up on credit cards or dip into [their] savings" to make ends meet. Doubling down on the pain, the Federal Reserve is hiking interest rates at an unprecedented rate.

Courtesy of NCGOP